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Monday, March 26, 2012

Start spreading the news... I'm leavinnn todayyyyyyyyyyy

. N E W   
 Y O R K .

Oh lordy lordy. Where the hell do I start???
New York was absolutely exhilarating!! The mile high buildings, the gallons of culture and the rough edges that came with staying down town were all spectacular!

Every single inch of New York was a beautiful painting to me so I really went overboard with the photos (as per usual), so I am sincerely sorry if it took you a million years to scroll to the bottom.

Let me tell you about part one of my New York adventures.

After spending 15 hours at an airport (gahh) we finally arrived in the beautiful chilly city that we thought never sleeps. Apparently they do, Nina and I stepped out at four in the morning because we were hungry and could only find Macca's but we did stumble accross Madison square gardens on the way there and we almost got hustled and shot on the way home. Take the good with the bad I say!

We found a truckload of bargains along our stay which certainly made us smile. A land and sea tour of the city as well as seeing the Lion King on Broadway (photos soon I promise) were my two most favorite experiences in New York.

It is definitely a city that I will return to, hopefully in the very near future.

Have a happy day x

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hawaii Hiatus.

First of all, I am extremely apologetic for being a lazy blogger over the last month. Let me explain - I have been errywhere over the last three weeks and I have been having such a ball that I haven't really had the chance to sit down and update my posts. 

But I am back!! I have been in Hawaii and New York and now I have finally settled down in LA for the next few months. I absolutely, positively have fallen head over heels for this beautifully sparkled city. I never want to leave!!

My gurl Nina and I have been having a better holiday than I imagined in my wildest dreams!

Hawaii was so chilled out! We went on an awesome boat trip and literally jumped into the middle of the ocean and swam with wild dolphins. It was one of the most amazing, beautiful things that I have ever experienced in my entire life. They are such elegant and gentle creatures and I feel so blessed to have observed them in their natural habitat. We ate great food, drank beautiful cocktails, saw fabulous tribal shows and spent hours relaxing in the sun. Here are some of our beautiful memories =)

New York was amazing too... I will post some more photos very shortly. I hope everyone is having a fantastic March x

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