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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Do we really have to cry after every single breakup?

What is this belief that you have to cry in order to properly grieve a relationship? 
Maybe you have cried enough tears during the relationship that by the time the end rolls around your too tired and relieved to cry because it was meant to be over? 

A good friend of mine recently broke up with her long term boyfriend so I went and had some drinks with her to cheer her up and get inside her head to see if she was really ok. After a few drinks we got down to the nitty gritty and even I was expecting a little heartache (even though she's one of the strongest girls I know), but she looked at me and said 'I'm ok Hayles, I'm really fine'. I told her that was great and I was happy that she was taking it so well. She went on to tell me how scared she was of breaking down one day because I haven’t even cried yet.

A break up I that I think most of us has had, or know someone we has. Maybe the sayings ‘this too will pass’ and ‘time heals all’ have actually already happened to you while you were in the actual relationship? The fire in relationships burn out sometimes no matter how hard to try to protect the flame and sometimes a relationship is far too broken to piece it back together. Yet so many of us (myself included) stay in relationships that have ended weeks, months or even years ago.

When it’s finally over you feel like you can breathe again. Don’t just mourn your old relationship if you don’t feel you have too, instead celebrate the new relationship with yourself. I don’t know… just some thoughts I was throwing around…

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