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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sheer nudity. Will be your flaunting your body parts (and privates) next season?

It is slowly, but surely heating up in preparation for Spring (well in Australia anyway) and I am curious to see how far fashionistas will go with the latest extension of the sheer trend.

It started as innocently as a little sheer cut out around your waist, it has now matured into titts, ass, side ass, side tits, underwear, belly buttons and pretty much anything else. 

I am down to try the whole bra poking through or even the briefs with the waisted sheer skirt ...  I think if I attempt the titts out one I will simply look like a stripper as I am not as errr petite? as these models lol. 

How far will you go with this trend? 

Is it hot or not in your books?

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Piece of Shit Camera.

Ok... so its not even really a camera, its just my IPhone 4.

The reason it has been a while since a good quality outfit post is because every time I try to get a good shot, they come out terrible. 

The good news is that my mum said she is getting me a camera for my birthday (which is in 4 weeks - YAY!!). I get to choose what I want and then let her know - so are there any photographers who have a little advice to lend? I want a DSLR, I am leaning towards a Nikon because it has been suggested to me numerous times and I want to be able to take it travelling and get some high quality shots and hopefully grow my photography skills.

All suggestions welcome xx

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ink Itching.

I have lightly wanted a tattoo for a while now, but lately my want has grown to a need.

Maybe its because I love to accessorize. Maybe its because lately I have been seeing tattoos everywhere. Maybe its because tattoos tell such a unique story on the canvass of the body

Ohhh I don't bloody know! I just fricken want one.

Nothing huge or anything just a small phrase on my back. The dilemma is that my mother and her family hate them and I have a lot of respect for my family. BUT I really really want one. 

Should I: 

A) Not get one to keep my mother happy, but be itching forever.

B) Get something small thats covered when I'm wearing clothes and hope that my family doesn't notice


C) Tell my mum that the times have changed, tattoos are sick and I am getting one.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's All Soo Sexual These Days.

Is it just me, or has photography got a little more sexual these days?

I have been in cyber recluse for the past week. I haven't internet and it was killing me!  I'm gadly back thanks to my internet being back =)

I have been missing my photography posts so here we are. I hope you love my collection xxx

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