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Thursday, February 16, 2012

...I will think of you, every step of the way...

 Like squillions of little girls around the globe, I was absolutely devastated at the news that Whitney Houston had passed away. I am even more devasted for Bobbi Cristina, we may have lost one of the most talented and influential artists of all time, but Bobbi will now have to walk without her mother. This girl is the real tragedy in this story, she has been through so much.

There are dozens of online discussions and websites speculating about how she passed - anti-depressents and alcohol, overdose, suicide and even conspiricy theories stating it is a cover up.

I personally think we are focussing on the wrong thing here. If you are a true fan you will remember her for voice of an angel, her infectious giggle and her warm and joyful presence. To me, Whitney Houston was the voice that was sweet and strong at the same time and was one of the very first artists that I started singing to. Her hauntingly beautiful music will still live on, as will her memory.

Here is a video of my favorite Whitney songs and below are some photos.

R.I.P Whitney, you were more than amazing and we will miss you forever, especially when we listen to the autoned singers of today and remember that you were the one and only.

P.S. My laptop has conveniently broke just before I leave for Hawaii & LA, (YAY!!!) so I apologize for the lack of activity, she should be all better by Friday.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Nonsense Neon Nights.

As my departure to America creeps closer, sleepless nights are occurring more and more frequently. Yes, I have always had trouble drifting off, as my mind seems to be constantly full of thoughts - but this is bad, even for me. It is 4:04am and I am about to try and force myself to sleep, even though I am not the slightest bit tired. Maybe its the realization that I am jetting off in less than two weeks that leaves my soul so euphoric that I cant bear to close my eyes. Or, maybe I fear that I have forgotten something important despite my meticulous planning.

Anywho. I thought that since I am wide awake, I may as well leave you with some beautiful neon images. I hope your night was filled with more sleep than mine xx

Monday, February 06, 2012

Cheers for the freakin weekend.

I spent this fabulous Friday with three beautiful girls called Rachael, Gemma & Danielle. We started off the night at Gemma's place and ended up in the valley. I had an absolute ball!! Here are some of our happy snaps. I hope everybody had a splendid Friday night xxx

Can't take Rachael anywhere. She always seems to ended up kissing monkeys....

.... Yes, I am chopping up my eyelashes with a kitchen knife, we couldn't find scissors and it seemed like a good idea at the time =P

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