My Angels.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Rather Reckless 21st Disney Vs Marvell Dress-up Party.

So I did decide to make my own Ariel costume after all... it was a little rough but the wig made up for it I think.

My amazing friends really rose to the occasion and dressed crazy with me. They all looked fucking fabulous, dont you think?

Everyone was hammered. My baby Cassandra (aka slutty angel) decorated the venue beautifully and gave a drunken speech that reduced me to tears. My boyfriend (aka Hercules) decided to get on stage and rap about my boobes (he will never live it down). My beautiful Nina (aka Hula girl) gave me a beautiful Ariel key to put around my neck and did my face. 

Overall I had an amazing time, got on stage and yelled through the microphone 'I fucken love you all... lets have shots and get fucked up' and I had a bitch of a hangover the next day. Fan. Fucking. Tastic.

Here is the photographic evidence xx

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