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Monday, May 23, 2011

Paniyiri Greek Festival .... yummmmm

This weekend was the annual Greek festival 'Paniyiri' I went because I go every year and its a LOT of fun for $8. Also, my boyfriend is Greek so it makes me sound good if a learn a few Greek words & names of dishes to throw around haha....


I started off with a Gyros (kebab with thicker bread to us non-Greeks)

Then moved on to some honey puffs (I really need this receipe!!)

...... and errrybody loves Haloumi  

Me and my friend Kathi really loved the traditional Greek iced coffees too

......and now we are both bigger than houses.

The crowds were crazy

The belly dancer was the hottest thing out.

The highlight (other than the amazing food) Was this amazing one off long cross pendant that I bought from a little store there. I loveeeeeeeee

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