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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ink Itching.

I have lightly wanted a tattoo for a while now, but lately my want has grown to a need.

Maybe its because I love to accessorize. Maybe its because lately I have been seeing tattoos everywhere. Maybe its because tattoos tell such a unique story on the canvass of the body

Ohhh I don't bloody know! I just fricken want one.

Nothing huge or anything just a small phrase on my back. The dilemma is that my mother and her family hate them and I have a lot of respect for my family. BUT I really really want one. 

Should I: 

A) Not get one to keep my mother happy, but be itching forever.

B) Get something small thats covered when I'm wearing clothes and hope that my family doesn't notice


C) Tell my mum that the times have changed, tattoos are sick and I am getting one.


  1. oh my !! that face painted on body is fucking incredible.

    if you have an ink idea that holds meaning, something beautiful to you - with reason- then definitely get one! If the ink is copying someone else, perhaps thats replicating a sentiment you may have never really understood..

    tattoos are for life.

    that's the only thing holding me back from getting one.


  2. oh and you are your own person, it's your body. tell your mum "you brought me into this world to be your daughter, but to be my own person... i finally understand that... so i've get a tattoo...because it's my body afterrall not yours" hah- i don't know! but good luck.

  3. My vote deffos lies with either B or C! Lovely pics :)

  4. I'm from a fairly conservative background and after my first one (skeleton key on my ankle) I thought that would be all but then I got one on my wrist and one on my thumb. I pretty much never notice mine and I still want another one... My thoughts are that you are really only young once and if you don't think you will regret it then why not. You definitely need to feel comfortable about it though. Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is wonderful! :) -Lo

  5. I say C. Tell her that tattoos are SICK, & that times have changed! Hey maybe try something that is meaningful or cultural. She would understand something cultural because it's something that reflects her as well! Plus you can always remove it if you have a change of heart later on in life.


  6. Amazing pictures doll!*
    C) is a great option =)
    Honesty is the best policy ;)


  7. How about a temporary tattoo as a compromise!? Tattoos are just too permanent for me, although they look pretty cool! :)

    sorelle in style

  8. i'm totally itching for another one, too! i love the dreamcatcher one. if it weren't for my family, i'd get my sleeves done, lol! i hear your dilemma, tho...but you should tell them you really want one. i hid my first one, but felt much better when the parents found out. plus, they both have one!

  9. Lovely pics! So inspirational, thanks for sharing! :)

  10. I thought my grandparents would throw a fit when I decided to get a tattoo, but they actually took it really well. Though it is something they would never do for themselves, they understood why I was doing it. Just make sure you know what you want and you know you want it forever. :) I do love tattoos though. Lots and lots. Thanks for you super sweet comment on my blog.

  11. I definitely had your dilemma when I got mine. I guess some tips I have before and after getting it is to show your parents you know how to make rational decisions and this is something you have thought through thoroughly, knowing the consequences of a permanent mark on your body.

    When you get it, think about why you are getting it (I know a lot of people say that, but its definitely true).. and WHERE you are going to put it. I have one on the lower right side of my back and one behind my ear.. While I don't regret getting the one behind my ear, it has become problematic when I need to go into interviews or meetings for work because I need to have a professional look with my hair back..

    With that said, I think you have you reasons in the right place and a tattoo definitely defines you as a person.. so I vote get one! :)


  12. I totally know what you mean about turning want into NEED! I am going to America in a couple of weeks and I really want to get something tiny. But what!!! I don't want something everyone else have but there is nothing in my life that I can link with a single symbol. Thank you for your post though, it has been so ever more inspiring.

    following your lovely blog xx

  13. I would go for B! Me too, I'm kinda eager to get one for myself. :) Let's get inked shall we?

  14. btw babe, thank you so much for the vote. I really appreciate it :)

  15. Gaaahhhh this entry makes me wanna get inked again! Girl, just do what makes you happy. :)

  16. Your skin - your INK - guess you could start of with a small one - and then work your way up. Bit scary if you come home with a sleeve ,-)

  17. Thanks for your lovely comment and for following!

  18. This post is RAD and you are stunning! Thanks so much for your comment love!
    x Sea

  19. wow! love the tattoos you've find! waiting to see yours<3
    thanks a lot for your comment and I followed back! kisses !!

  20. Option A.

    Don't be an idiot. Obviously if they despise tattoos, it's in your best interest. Isn't there a saying, it's nice to have fame ~ but don't stray from your Roots?


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