My Angels.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Saturday Shenanigans.

It is 3:12am and I am still wide awake
because I was a naughty little monkey on Saturday night
/Sunday morning and had such a huge night that I slept
the majority of the day and now I am all slept out. 

The dress of choice (or lack there of) was a tiny cutout jumpsuit 
& a lace jacket with shoulder pads, 
my partners in crime were Cassann, Rachael & Grace 
and our drink of choice was lots of wine.

We had drinks at my friend Cameron's (aka Bitch Giddings),
hung out with another beautiful Rachael, a boy named Josh
and the cutest little doggie named John Claude

I particularly loved my friend Grace's sexy sparkly jacket and of course I love her too =)

Gracie calls Rachael & I 'The Barbies' she is the original and I am the darker version.

Cassann is one of those girls who has been by my side
every single step of the way since we were in our early teens.
I honestly think we will always be this way.

Rachael.... man this girl makes me laugh... she is almost as insane as I am. And that is a challenge. 
Ooohhhhh La'Trelle

My boyfriends cousins are pretty cool.

He was the one who had to carry me home after my rebellion.
He kinda reminds me of a cute Egyptian Mexican man.

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