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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I have been neglecting my poor little blog.

I have been ohh soo busy preparing for my performance (I sing) at Fete De La Musique on Tuesday in Brisbane City. It is finally over and I am back on track. I spent yesterday chillin with my friend Kathi and we also headed out for a little bit of a shop.

These are a few of yesterdays purchases - a new strapless bra, a pink flower choker (that makes me look like a dog), a purple cross necklace, a colourful vintage shirt jacket and a few rings =)

Kathi and I have also been enjoying our silly coats & ridiculous headwear. My crazy leopard coat that came fully equip with a hoodie arrived the other day. I almost died in excitement. I felt like the biggest boss out. 

But yeah. My show went really well, other than the terrible wind that caused our drum kit to slip & slide everywhere and my hair to whip me in the face constantly. I will have to post some videos soon. 

Bye for now xxx


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