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Friday, June 03, 2011


Today I decided to step out with absolutely no makeup because I dont do it enough. Nothing. No mascara or foundation...NOTHING

It didn't feel so bad - but I did look about 12 or 13.

I have found the older I get the more make up I pack on more regularly and the more crazy shizz I do to my poor hair. I'm sure my body hates me just quietly. I had lunch with my friend Rachael today, Just before I left my new nerd glasses came from ebay. My big butt sat on my old pair so I replaced them with these.

I also had a call from my friend Cassann at 7am this morning (NOT IMPRESSED, I AM GONNA HIT HER TOMORROW) telling me that we have free tickets to the races tomorrow. I have no outfit and no crazy hat. I have had a quick look at my wardrobe to see if there is an outfit I can recycle because I cant be assed going shopping 9am tomorrow morning. I realize that they are very very badly presented & creased but luckily I own an iron so I will iron the chosen dress tomorrow. In regards to a crazy hat... I have some feathers somewhere so I will try & make one if I have time...if not I am sure I can find something crazy in my room. 

Thoughts?  xx

I have never worn this one. So at least its fresh?

This one has only been worn once for a few hours so its pretty fresh too. Its good for my body & hugs the right places but the colour makes it look a little young. (I will iron this)

This is an asos dress, only worn once. Really high front and the back scoops all the way to my but, just worried about it being windy eeekkkkkkk

This is the tried, true & tested black dress. Wears 5 ways, looks great on, just really boring & safe.

This is my vintage Carla Zampatti dress. Its off the shoulders with massive bows. I love it but I wore it to my last birthday.

What to wear =S


  1. Love your nerd glasses!
    I would go for the first dress for the races :)
    Teenage Daydreams

  2. Ditto Hayley- first dress. Its Racey!

  3. You are absolutely beautiful! i love all these pretty dresses in this post and you look flawless natural and all!! xoxo


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