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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Friday family time. Saturday opera fix watching Madame Butterfly.

I spent my Friday night at my Granny's place for a long awaited sleep over. She has been in South Africa visiting the family for the last few months and I have really missed her so I took the trip up to Cleveland with my mum for a visit. As per usual there was amazing curry on arrival and I felt like a little girl again receiving one of Granny's special cuddles. 

My mum had plans to see an opera with one of her friends so I tagged along to see Madame Butterfly, the opera. 

The opera was about a Japanese beauty who was married off to an asshole American (excuse my French..) thinking that her marriage was real and it would last forever. Long story short, she has a child to him, waits 3 years for him to return to Japan and be with her only to find he has moved on and remarried. She is devastated when he returns with his new wife and asks to take the child and she kills herself with her own sword. 

The pain that she endures throughout the show is almost unbearable to watch as she grieves with every ounce of her body and projects her agony through her voice. The voice itself was amazing, but the story line really captivated me.

How did you spend your Saturday?


  1. Hi!Thank you for your comment...I'm following you too :)
    Come soon,I've got a new post! :)

  2. whoop!u had great pictures on your blog!thanks for your super sweet comment and i hope u'll visit me more often!have a greaaat weekend!xxxxx

  3. wow, that sound like a thouching and said story. I wish I could see the opera, I can already imagine it :)
    I spend my saturday quite boring because the weather here is so bad, but we watched a good movie ^-^


  4. always wanted to see madame butterfly! the last show I saw was cinderella on ice, average show, but the prince humoured everyone by falling flat on his butt a few times during his solo!

  5. How interesting! :)

  6. I saw madame butterfly last year :) I thought it was pretty powerful, but the ending was just plain disturbing :/ I love the pics on your blog :D

    thanks for your incredibly sweet comment!

    xxx irinja (

  7. Oh I adore Madame Butterfly... the music is divine


  8. Such a great experience. I've never been at the opera before, but it would be great to be there :)

    See you

  9. Great photos =) Nice post =)

  10. Thanks for your sweet comment,always put a smile on my face.
    This looks gorgeous,would be beautiful to see this first hand.
    Hope you had a lovely time round your Grannys! So sweet x
    Hope your having a lovely weekend x

  11. Great blog! Really like it :)


  12. gorge lady firstly just have to say thank you for your super sweet words, you are such a gem and the support is beautiful! NOW, i am soo jealous you got to see this!!!!I saw La Boheme this year and reviewed it but my heart was on Madame Butterfly and it was only showing in Sydney BUT just found out it will show here next year, YES i know ages away :( but I had this lovely post to read so thank YOU hon! xoxoxox


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