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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Always wanting more...

In todays society it is not acceptable for girls to have one or two pairs of shoes. It just isn't. Despite the fact that I have over 50 pairs of shoes (some that I have never worn, a lot that I barely wear) I thought to myself, I need another pair of shoes.

I am even studying a business marketing degree and I am still none the wiser. Honestly, buying things make me a lot happier. If I am having a bad week I either decide to have shopping day or jump online and order
me some clothes. Is this a harmless little habit that a lot of girls have, or is it overcompensating for other factors of our mundane lives? Are we spending so much more than older generations that we aren't going to get ahead financially? Or am I just freaking out about the mountains of clothes in my room again?

I say this all while I am lusting over pictures of shoes and deffinitely not getting wiser with age. If they treat people for sex addictions, drug addictions and alcohol addictions; where the hell do I go? Just sayyiinnnnnnnn....

But aren't these the prettiest things.....


  1. they look painful. but i love the first picture x

  2. aren't they amazing... i still want all 3 haha


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