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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Three Monkeys + West End + Iphone + Kathi = Happy Hayley =)

My beautiful friend Kathi and I have a Three Monkeys tradition. All I really do with the girl is eat. But I love her like my right arm...We have our weekly iced mochas (only on soy of course) and I generally get nachos or cake (we all know how much I love cake), but this week I switched it up and had a chicken pesto and sun dried tomato Turkish bread sandwich.

It was fan-fricken-tastic =)

Monkeys in 3 Monkeys... go figure...

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  1. my favoriteeeeeeeeeeeee cafe in brissy seriously if you tag your self there my name will pop up about a dozen times ahaha we need to have coffee there again!!!! ohh and that yoghurt was sooooo friken delishemo xx


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