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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Desperately Seeking Susan.

I originally bout this 80's classic a few years ago purely for the eccentric fashion and because like every other little girl - I am in love with Madonna.

This movie is full of fashion greats that are definitely worth repeating (despite what my mum says), but after watching it yet again last night over dinner I actually learnt a few other things too.

Now, if you haven't seen this I apologize. Anywho...

The main things in this movie that I picked up was the absence of technology (it was obviously the 80's, but it was nice), and the carefree nomad attitude of Madonna's character Susan.

It once again made me question the way we are living today. 

I completely understand that computers are a necessity for every day business (hello I am on one now), but do we overuse technology so much that it takes away from personality?

I noticed that in this movie when people went to lunch, were at a bar or simply having a conversation they gave their undivided attention. There were no exists to answer the phone, tweeting while saying 'don't worry, I'm listening', or talking to someone all the while looking at your computer screen. 

I also noticed how simply Susan was living. From motel to motel, travelling the country with her little briefcase full of clothes and I fell in love with the idea.

It makes me realize how all of us are working these jobs that we don't like for the majority of our lives just so we can buy the things that we invented a need for. Like IPads? I know they will make you look super cool but do you really need one when you have a phone & a laptop or is that $600 that you could put towards a trip to experience things that money cant buy. Or those girls who spend $500 on a dress thats made by a designer when they can buy one thats almost identical from a little no name boutique for $50. But they wont. Just so they can tell their friends how much they paid for it. 

All in all, Desperately Seeking Susan is a fantastic movie about a scandalous, free spirited American girl travelling around in clothes that I would kill for. Go watch it. Now. 


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    I've seen the film, got the DVD and wanted to be Susan too. Big fan of Madonna and loved her style in this film.

  2. Isnt it the perfect chick flick.. dreams & fashion =)

  3. A favorite of mine, too.


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