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Friday, June 10, 2011

Obsession with the skinny.

Even before I hit my teens I have always had this idea of the 'perfect body' and have been forever struggling to achieve that.

The fashion market is flooded with pictures of faded figures that they present as beautiful. A big part of me still wishes that I had stick figure legs, a flat stomach and no trace of back-fat, but you have to start loving your body. You are stuck with it forever. Severely compromising your whole value of life to be smaller than a size 6 just doesn't make sense to me anymore.

Even looking at these photos makes me wonder, how these girls got that skinny and what they had to go through all in the name of beauty. 

A friend and I were chatting and saying how it is almost the norm in modern culture to starve a little to make sure you don't get fat. It is like an unspoken thing. Girls loose dramatic amounts of weight and we congratulate them and ask them how they did it. 

I have done it all too - diet shakes, crazy diets that barely have any actual food in them, diet pills, tricks of the trade (only eat before 5pm, brush your teeth to trick your body into thinking your full, drink excessive amounts of water to stop you eating etc.) and everything else under the sun. 

It gets to the point where you think, no I am not 'skinny' but god made me with curves and maybe I should just let my body be how nature intended it to be. Back in the day women had boobes, butts, hips and thighs and men thought it was beautiful. You know what? Most men still think a little meat on your bones is beautiful.

I sincerely hope food comes back into fashion soon.


  1. My favourite post yet Hayley! Thanks for sharing xoxo

  2. Food is always in fashion in my book, glad you are loving your body! :)

    The Cat Hag

  3. Amen!!!! This is such a great post! Girls need to realize that constantly doing crazy diets is no way to live. Enjoy life and be healthy, no matter what size you are!
    come check out my feature! ;)
    (would love to follow each other!)

  4. Wonderful post! I'm happy you do except yourself the way you are, because you look stunning! These girls with scary thin legs are not beautiful!


  5. I'm actually naturally a skinny/petite size 6. I can't help it, it's in my DNA and (ufortunantly) I can eat anything without gaining any weight. Speaking as a skinny girl I always find it so weird that more curvier girls diet so much :/
    Honestly I don't get it because I wished that I was more curvier!
    Seriously if you are a size 6 or smaller it is so hard to actually find clothes that fit and I think that having curves is really feminine.
    So yeah.. I guess that the grass is always greener on the other side ;)

  6. WOW,such a great post honey!!!Thanks for sharing!

  7. this is an awesome post. i used to be an avid reader of the 'le fashion' blog but i hadnt gone over there in awhile... i checked the other day and the first pic that i see is of an Asian model so skinny she literally looked like she was dying. and everyone was posting on how awesome the shoot was and how amazing she looked... i vowed to stop reading that blog right then and there. here is the link to the post if you want to see it:

    im not fat but i do have curves... i have hips... i have boobs... and i like fashion. and thats okay, damn it!

  8. Love this. I always want to be 'thin' too but these girls are too skinny. It's just not realistic for my body type.

  9. thats so thinn! I wish i would have such a body!

  10. i have to say. i think its beautifull:) i m not that skinny but i really like it!

    New outfit post

  11. nice post. well said


  12. Aww, this is lovely,
    I love it!

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE !

  13. amazing photos! <3
    btw check mine if you have a chance :)

  14. exactly! girls loose all the weight and men don't even like it. it looks good if you want to wear fashionable clothes, because those are designed for skinny people, but it's definitely not sexy.

  15. Great blog !!!
    Follow and hope you'll follow me back!

  16. I totally agree with you. At some point I just looked at myself and thought, you know what, I have a pretty face and nice hair. It doesn´t matter that my thighs touch or that my stomach isn´t a washboard. Ever since then I´ve been a lot happier.
    Great post!:) Check my blog out too?

  17. Personally, I think a little bit of fat is more natural and softer looking anyway:) Healthy is way more fashionable!!!! Great post!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  18. This was such a great and inspiring post. I 100% agree with everything you said. I had some weight problems in the past but now I have grown to love my curves! Thanks for the great post. xoxo

  19. Just stumbled across your blog and thank God that i did! i like your blog! very inspirational and you have such great photos too! hope you can visit and follow mine as well. xo

  20. woww they're too skinny,being healthy is the most important thing,your post is so inspired :D

  21. Really scary don't you think? Shocking. Love this post!
    All the best
    Midnight Couture Girls

  22. Love the Mary Katrantzou skirt! :D ufff PASSION!


    have a nice weekend! :)

  23. I really appreciate this post, and it's a coincidence that I've just gotten around to reading the comment you left on my post about Italian Vogue using models that are not the 'industry standard' shall we say?

    I can't believe a photographer asked you if you get depressed about being big. Just because they and their contemporaries don't have the strength of mind to realise that there's more to life than emulating a magazine aesthetic that has nothing to do with reality doesn't mean they should assume others aren't intelligent enough to look beyond it.

  24. This is a great post and I agree with everything you said! I used to be a girl that was very ashamed of her body and because of those crazy diets I got really sick but now I know that I just have to be proud with my body! Sadly not everybody thinks like this!

  25. i couldn't agree more, this is all so true, just a thing that is so incredibly hard to admit.
    i too, struggle with this, and im glad you're speaking about it on your blog.


  26. i absolutely love all these pics! :) such great inspiration! thanks so much for your sweet comment and for following! im following your wonderful blog now too ^-^

  27. the pictures make me sick....
    they shouldn't look like that.
    its inhuman
    the industry is crazy

  28. Thanks for all your beautiful comments everyone xx


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