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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Friday nights with my favorite partner in crime.

For too many years to count, my naughty little friend Cassandra and I have been bad influences on each other at the best of times.  She is the friend you count on to get wasted with on the weekends, but still call her when your having a meltdown. Most people say we shouldn't be friends because we always end up reeking havoc when we are together, but that is precisely why I will love her forever.

This Friday night (like almost every Friday night) we had our usual dinner and wine date followed by some dancing. We went to an amazing Italian restaurant in the city called 'Pan E Vino's' and we both had the 'Pesto E Pollo' (above) and a bottle of pink moscato.

I was dressed in my vintage floral cape, my high waisted mid calf pink vintage skirt and my $5 clogs. 


  1. That is the coolest cape:) And we all need friends like those. They keep life interesting!

  2. hi, i like your blog very nice and interesting, you have other follower!!!

    if you have time, visit me and maybe you can follow me if you like it!!

    Thanks XOXO

  3. That pasta looks really good, almost like my friend's chef does it.

    / Avy

  4. Its the same with my best friend too! Chaos follows us around but that's half the fun!

    Love the cape! How unusual!

    Girl about Town XxX

  5. OhMYgod you are a hilariously intriguing blogger!
    I absolutely love your writing style and your fashion sense and no doubt I am now following you:)
    -x0x0 Fashion Bumpkin:)

  6. I totally want your cape! =)

  7. Lovely. Oh that's my friends uncles restaurant soooo good. x

  8. I have a very sweet type:))


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