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Friday, July 01, 2011

What will our children read?

Call me prude, traditional, old fashioned and whatever else but I think we should be preserving books. 


I honestly feel saddened at the prospect that our future generations will not have the opportunity to relish in literature by the beach in fear that they might get their IPad wet. Reading fiction, turning actual paper smelling pages and not knowing whats going to happen next in a book (because you haven't read the low-down online) is what I call one of life's simple pleasures. 

Every time I turn around another book store is closing. We need to support our local businesses by continuing to buy books or one day they will be considered nothing but an antique. Furthermore, do we want young undeveloped eyes and brains staring at a screen that could be potentially harming their eyesight and mental development? I just think its sad how excessive society is getting. We sit indoors all day glued to computer screens to make more disposable income and then go and spend $500/$600 on something that does most of the things our phones or computers can do just so we can have a pretty touch screen and some really cool apps. Anywho... I guess there is a reason I am often called 'Hater Hayley'.

In conclusion, save the books! 


  1. You are correct the eye sight problem is already showing up, due in part to video games. First the newspapers, now the books, when the internet crash comes, which it will, people will be jumping off buildings? Nothing to do.
    Computers are great. My doctor says I had 2 operations that I did not have. She turned me around twice looking for scars. Progress is great with common sense.
    Hating is not all bad. :)

  2. Thanks Dick, yeah I just think in some ways we should hold on to some things and kids should be kids playing cops & robbers in the backyard =)

  3. hi honey! i totally agree with you!!
    the book has still that fascinating way that eletronic books will not have ever! it's also quite amazing read a book in your camera and just don't think about all the ultra tecnologies around us!!
    i'm following you too!!
    sweet italian kisses

  4. Hayley, you are absolutely right, there is something wonderful about a book, they are tactile, the paper has a lovely fragrance and turning the pages in anticipation of what the story has to reveal next or the beauty of an illustration which little fingers and eyes can study closely is pure joy for children...and adults. :)

    xoxoxo ♡

  5. Even though I use a kindle now, I have to agree with you... Nothing beats the feeling of a real book.. The only reason I use my kindle is because it was a gift and was piling up too many book... But I will take a book over an electronic device any day of the week!

    All the best, Angel


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