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Thursday, September 15, 2011

21 Yesterday and Other Merry Subjects.

I turned the big 2 1 yesterday and I must say another year older isn't so bad. My mum and my sister Georgia picked me up early for pancakes, ice cream and a mocha. Then we visited my granny, which was lovely!

My best friend Cassann organised a somewhat surprise dinner. Well she tried, but inviting me to our favorite restaurant kinda gave it away ... shes so cute =) 

So we went to dinner with a small group of girls and went out dancing afterwards ... we had a merry time. I love girl time!

My beautiful boyfriend is taking me to Thailand soon, I am sooo excited!!! He also got me a Pure Indulgence package and a beautiful Marilyn Monroe biography called Fragments. I am a lucky girl.

My mum is also getting me my new camera this week which is awesome!

I decided on ............................ 

The Nikon D7000

I am super dooper excited to get my hands on this baby! So many ideas rushing through my mind....

p.s. you may have also noticed that there is a bit of KENDALL JENNER in there. Isn't she fucking gorgeous?


  1. happy birthday and wise choice on the camera.

  2. Good choice camera! Now following to see what you get up to with it!
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

  3. oh happy birthday! hope you had a great day, and I hoe you have fun with that NIKON! ;) I have a Nikon as well :)


  4. Happy birthday from Italy!!!
    ciao Hayley

  5. Happy birthday sweetie!Wish you an amazing day and night ;) :*

  6. happy b'day! :) you really are a lucky girl to have so lovely people around you ;)

  7. Happy Bday! Love all your photos!

  8. Wanna go in Thailand too!!
    Great pics, loving the shoes!! :)



  9. i love all the pictures! the dress or top your wearing on the first pic looks really good! Xx

  10. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! WAHOO 21! Congrats :D And seriously, you are one lucky GIRL!! Thailand and a new DSLR? SO jealous! Kendell is TOTALLY gorgeous, the prettiest one of them all ;) xxAnisa

  11. Happy Birthday! :) Wow, I would also love to have that great camera.. Hope you had most wonderful time,


  12. I envy beauty!

  13. happy belated birthday :)
    Love Lois xxx

  14. happy b-day girl! what a fabulous present! and i hope you will have an amazing time in thailand

  15. Sorry I am slightly late to the birthday wishes but glad you had a brilliant birthday! I love a bit of a dance with the girls as well and cannot wait to see what you come up with, with the new camera!

    Fi xx

  16. Happy Belated Birthday hun.. I visit Thailand every year and I absolutely LOVE it, such an amazing place and shopping is great and very cheap..
    I got my D700 a while back and I love it.. Great choice..

    MiMi ♥..
    Make-up Overdose

  17. Happy belated Birthday!! You are seriously stunning.. and so exciting about the new camera! I just recently got myself a new Nikon as well, and I'm in love! You will definitely be happy with it (:

    x Sea

  18. happy birthday beautiful lady i should of remembered ive been blogger/facebook stranger as of the late but i am back re inspired and loving the though t of a catch up soon ohhh i had that delish youghurt in westend the other day soooo good anyways threemonkeys when r u freeeeeeeee lets do it loveeee xx

  19. happy belated birthday!
    great photos:D


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