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Monday, November 28, 2011

Take me away.

I have been planning a 3 month trip to America over the last month and all the googling has made more itch to travel more than ever. I thought it would be appropriate to do a post of travel and free spirited fashion.

HURRY UP 2012!!!!

2012 is the year of travel for me. I am off to Thailand and Cambodia on the 1st of January for 10 days which will be a blast! The magical USA will have one more loud mouthed brown girl on their shores from March to June. My good friend Nina and I are doing Hawaii, New York, LA and possibly one more place (undecided, although Brazil, Florida & Mexico are at the top of my list) if we get time. Nina is only staying for 2 weeks and the rest of the time I will be riding solo which will be exciting!

In other news I FINALLY GOT MY TATTOO!! After pondering over it for literally years I just took the jump. I will post pictures soon I promise. Have a fan-fucking-tastic week xx


  1. Lucky you.. I love Thailand I visit Bangkok every year. I would LOOOOVE to visit the US one day :D
    Do post pix of your tattoo I'm thinking of getting one on my ankle...

    MiMi ♥..
    Make-up Overdose

  2. wow, girl, I bet your long trips will be more than amazing and I hope you're going to post many-many great photos! oh, and I want to see your tattoo (I'm a huge fan of those :P)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. Wow my family and i are planning a trip to the U.S aswell for next year June or July! Its exciting isnt it ?! Loving these inspiring photos and you MUST show us your tattoo soon :))


  4. I wish you have the fun of your life in your trip to U.S.A. Wishing you all the best girl!!!
    Best regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  5. super cool

  6. oh, i'm so jealous of all your world traveling. you are going to have SO much fun. i've never been to new york before but i always here great things. and l.a. and hawaii are so perfect! can't wait to see all your pictures from your adventures!
    xo TJ

  7. yayy fun!! i waant to go too!!
    i was supposeed to go but i cancelled myy trip :(

  8. wow 3 months and all those places!!! i def wish that i could do that! i may have to put that on my bucket list!
    hope you get to see alot of gr8 things!

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  11. You will have so much fun in America. Yes, hurry up 2012.

  12. OMG!!!^^
    i want to see your tattoo ;)


  13. Wow, sounds like fun. Love the pictures. <3

    Sexy Little Things

  14. You're coming to America?? HOLLLLLAAAAA.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

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  17. Can't wait to see your tatoo :) thanks for dropping by my site take care.

  18. Gorgeous photoso! The 70s vibe is definitely my favorite trend this season :)


  19. OMG! I'm planning on doing some traveling in 2012 too! NYC & LA are definitely part of my pit stops!

    It would be so cool if we'd be bumping into each other haha. And tattoo?? Ouch! I'm a sucker for pain, so none for me but I would love to see yours.


  20. Sounds cool! Love this post and all the 70's pics...

  21. You got a tattoo?! So cool! I really want to see that! :)
    Thanks dear for following! Now following you, too!

  22. Fabulous blog!
    Sounds like you have an amazing fun trip planned out.
    Following you.


  23. love this post! great photos!



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