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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Till Death Do Us Part?

I'm sure everyone who has access to a computer or a television is well aware of the recent demise of Kim Kardashian's extremely brief marriage. 

The vast majority are pointing the finger at Kim, saying that it was merely a publicity stunt or a money making venture. Look, I totally get that she is notorious for being famous for nothing (other than that sex tape that I'm sure most of us have seen) and uses every opportunity to make an appearance, but could she have really gone this far? 

Regardless of whether this marriage was real or not I really feel sorry for her. If it is a publicity stunt, I am heartbroken that such a mockery was made of something that was once a deceleration of love and eternity. Something that is sometimes seen these days as just another big party with a fabulous new dress, that can easily be taken care of if things go south. If it was genuine, its extremely tragic that it didn't even last a year and that she has to face media scrutiny in a time of such devastation. 

I think that this marriage (and many others) is really indicative of modern times. Women don't need to get married for financial stability anymore, nor is it frowned upon to be a single mother like it was when my grandmother was growing up. Couples are jumping into 'forever' in a matter of months and jumping back out again less than a decade later. As a child of divorce I completely understand the pressures of making a relationship work are way greater than what we read in story books as children. I cant help but wonder, is marriage necessary these days? In a time of uncertainty, temptation, relaxed morals, 1 in 3 marriages ending in divorce and when where we wont even stay loyal to a job for more than a few years, can it really work forever? I still really want to walk down the isle one day, but if I do, I hope I only do it once.

One thing is for sure, journalists will be falling over each other to get interviews from her and (as usual) Kim will be all over magazines for a long time to come.

I really hope her friends and family are sticking by her side for this one.

Just remember -

'For every dark night, there's a brighter day.'
- Tupac Shakur.


  1. I really enjoyed that post and I totally do agree with your opinion about the meaning of marriage. nevertheless I have to say I'm not a fan of Kim and she seems to be rather annoying and superficial. and I also think it's just extremely stupid to get married and then divorce some months later.

  2. i lovee kim kardashian but this marriage was reallyy reallyy short and i dont know what to think about that. but its her life so i dont think its up to mee to judge :)

  3. I love this wedding pictures! Follow each other? =)

    Let me dream

  4. its sad its already over..
    Inhale | Fashion and Beauty

  5. Totally agree with you regarding marriage, the only thing I think it's necessary for is having legal rights within the couple, for children, property, finance etc.
    Anyway, I am crushed for Kim Kardashian, although I have to say I never really liked Kris on the show... x

  6. Nice pictures and nice girl, I don´t know them. Kisses.

  7. I love Kim Kardashian,she so beautiful,all the Kardashians and Jenners are. I agree with you,I find it hard to believe that someone would put themselves through all of this,for a publicity stunt. I cant imagine what shes feeling and going through at the moment.
    Thanks so much for your comment,it was lovely and made me smaile,
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend x

  8. wow, i REALLY didn't know that there was so much already on poor kim k. i really do feel sorry for her. i'm hoping for the sake of marriage that it wasn't a publicity stunt.
    xo TJ

  9. I think it was definitely a marketing thing. there is no way to marry someone and then all of a sudden realise after 2 months that u dont want him.
    I've been watching the reality show her family has and all i can say is that the ONLY thig they are interested for is money! Especially her mono..she could do anything to get money even if she had to sell her daughters naked photos ;)

  10. I think in a particular way it's her own fault because it was her decision to make her wedding public. She used to love to make money and this is the punishment for this.. I'm sorry for having written that but it's my opinion. Nonetheless I wish all the best for her.

    Thank you so much for having left a comment on my blog! :-)

  11. This was a highly entertaining read gorgeous! Personally I never thought it would work and was something she seemed to have rushed into. But your absolutely right- it's a trend that is increasing with the youth of today! Love your blog and will continue reading my fellow Brisbane friend! Kisses Professor Barbie xxxx

  12. I loved reading this excellent post :) I totally agree, it's a little trivial how quickly they ended, yet I'm sure under all the media and paparazzi and interviews, she has something valid to say about this. I tweeted you my Facebook Fan page, and I liked yours! <3 Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Veena

  13. great words!! it's really shocking to hear the news, nearly speechless, hope she will be fine

  14. great post :) i was shocked that this marriage was just so short :0 thanks for ur comment <3 ur blog is really lovely :) i followed u ♥


  15. love your post and your thoughts about marriage... it is holy and sacred and people who goes into marriage should genuinely be in love with each other and should be God-given, wisdom should always be asked from God especially in the important events and persons in our lives... its really so sad that people nowadays doesn't give much importance to a lifetime commitment, love and partnership... love love love your blog!!!! following you now... hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!!

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  18. So disappointment with Kim K. Seriously divorcing after only 72 days is a JOKE.
    Can't stress enough about this so stopping now! :(

    PS. Following you too now doll. You have an amazing blog and hope you come and visit soon.

    <3 Marina

  19. Hi, nice and pretty post. thanks for your comment. Frances

  20. Omg this story is so funny, indeed this marriage cannot be true love!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your support!



  21. Hi, your blog is inspiring! You are a very interesting person. I will follow you!

  22. Love these photos her dress was amazing


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