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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Silly Season =)

Merry Christmas everyone!!
I love this time of year. Everything just seems to feel more special. I had a wonderful Christmas day. I woke up at the crack of dawn to cook and spent the day eating and playing in the pool with my cousins. 

How was everyone's Christmas?

I have an all white party that I am supposed to be going to for NYE but to be honest, white just isn't my colour. It makes me look large and I am not really digging any of this seasons white party dresses, they all seem to look the same. I am kinda stuck...

Any suggestions would be welcomed. What is everyone doing for new years eve?


  1. but maybe you should pick something silver-looking then? I think it's perfect for the occasion ;) ps. I have no idea what I will be wearing myself :D good luck anyway!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. The fourth looks great, as Maiken said - you should pick something silver - it looks great at NYE :), We have no idea what we´ll do ://...

    Banana&Mandarina from

  3. lovely pics!

    CHANEL GIVEAWAY on my blog:

    CHANEL GIVEAWAY on my blog:

  4. The cupcakes are CUTE and in cool xmas colors!!
    Oh yea tell me about it..white does make me look wider too :)
    Thanks again for ur comment babe...xoxoxo!

  5. Im sure you look gorgeous in white just need a right dress!
    happy holidays!!

  6. So pretty. That gliterry dress is just purrrfect.

    Thanks for sweet comment my dear. Lovely photos BTW.

    Happy new year!


  7. Beautiful inspiring pictures, love them! Merry Christmas dear! ♥XOXO

  8. Wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! And I am sure you look good in white, can´t imagine you don`t! :)
    xx Marie

  9. hope you had a fantastic Christmas and have a great New Year! You can break up the white with some sparkle and glitter but I'm sure you look great! I always get scared to wear white because of that whole larger effect but end up getting the most compliments when I do.

  10. I'm going to penang!!!

    I'd suggest one of those flowy toga dresses that're pretty on trend right now...but thats just me. Either way, with a face like that, you' look super hot anyway. Have a great NYE!!

  11. Hayley!! Thank you. Merry belated Christmas to you too darling! Do you have Twitter? Follow? :)

    Anyhoo, those pictures are gorge. I pinned some. I dig white dresses. Just not on me. It can be such a horrible color on people yet it can look so elegant. I always manage to make it dirty though. Did you figure out what to wear to the party?

    I have no clue. What about something with some gold and red on it? Ribbon love or no?


  12. Love these photos :) Dw this month everyones been abit MIA from their blogs and updates hehe ive just done a quick post and ive gotta rush off to a dinner now XD


  13. love the dresses you decided to feature here


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